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Not sure which Sublime Beauty® products might be a fit for you?  Here are some helpful guidelines.


#1] I have aging skin (dry to normal, lines or wrinkles, uneven tone, etc.) My age is 40+.

We Recommend:

Collagen Peptide Serum OR Cell Renewal Fibroblast Serum (higher budget choice) - Boosts Collagen and moisturizes. Use twice daily after cleansing and before applying any creams

Face Whisperer Day and Night Creams - Hydrates, boosts collagen, relaxes wrinkles. Use after serums.

Retinol with Vitamin C - Multi-tasker product that dermatologists recommend for skin care. 3 to 4 nights weekly, apply first before any other serum or night cream.

Collagen Antioxidant Mask - once weekly to restore, refresh and add moisture to skin while gently pulling out toxins and grime.

Phytoceramides - one capsule daily restores moisture and plumpness to skin in a month.

Additional to consider:

Ageless Line Smoother - use directly on areas with lines or wrinkles. It has ingredients of a dermal filler.

Face Whisperer Advanced Eye Gel- it reduces wrinkles with Matrixyl, but also helps circulation and reduces bags, puffiness and dark circles.

Citrus Scrub and|or Face Brushes for weekly exfoliation to keep skin healthy and functioning well.

Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete - addresses the fragile skin and area that shows age fast; use twice daily.

Daily Body Oil - for dry body skin. Nourish, sooth and moisturize.

Hyaluronic Serum- for hydration and to replenish your depleting hyaluronic acid in the skin (it holds 1000 times its weight in water!)

Glycolic | Salicylic Serum (currently named Blemish Terminator Serum) for light exfoliation, to enliven skin and minimize pores

SPF30 Vitamin C Day Cream- use when you will be in the sun for more than 20 minutes

Note: If you care less about relaxing wrinkles, you can substitute Ageless Serum with Renovage & Matrixyl for the Face Whisperer as your day and night cream.


#2] I have oily skin and need help to hydrate without breakouts.

We Recommend:

Oxygen Day Cream - use once or twice daily (as night cream). Apply after any serums.

Retinol with Vitamin C - nightly use; standard in skin care and helpful for oily skin.

Glycolic | Salicylic Serum (Blemish Terminator Serum) - use on the T-zone or especially oily areas, and|or directly on breakouts before creams.

Oil Control Sulfur Mask - once to twice weekly to help control oil, dry up breakouts.

Blemish Terminator Salicylic Wash and|or Dry Face Brushes - 4 to 7 times weekly to cleanse and exfoliate oily skin, keep pores unclogged 


Additional to consider:

Collagen Peptide Serum - especially under the eyes to bring hydration and boost collagen without breakouts

Body Brush daily - to help circulation and lymphatic system throughout body, distribute body oils

#3] I am in my mid thirties to forties and don't need to relax wrinkles (such as by using Face Whisperer with Argireline) but want to be pre-emptive and pro-active with my skin.

We Recommend:



Collagen Peptide Serum - hydrates, boosts collagen that is already diminishing in the 30s.

Ageless Serum with Renovage & Matrixyl - as your day and night cream for healthy skin

SPF30 Vitamin C Day Cream- your day cream that heals and hydrates plus protects from sun damage.

Retinol with Vitamin C - 3-4 times nightly, before other serums or creams. Skincare standard.

Citrus Scrub and|or Face Brushes - 1-2 times weekly to properly exfoliate and keep skin healthy

Skin Brush for Body - daily to improve well-being, reduce cellulite, aid circulation & lymphatic system. Skin glows - models and actresses swear by it!

Additional to Consider:

Daily Body Oil - great for skin, especially after body brushing!

#4] I have bags under my eyes, puffy eyes and|or dark circles. Help!

We Recommend:

Face Whisperer Advanced Eye Gel - twice daily, it attacks the problems at the source; use before any day or night cream

Face Brushing - once per week to help circulation and lymphatic movement

Body Brushing - daily brushing to move the lymphatic system, improve body functioning


#5] I have EXTRA dry skin. Help!

We Recommend:

Luxurious Oil for face  - pure oils to truly hydrate

Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete - rich organic cream for neck, check and even the face

Hyaluronic Serum + Collagen Serum - hyaluronic acid in the skin is responsible for plumping and moisture, plus protecting collagen. Use with collagen serum (blend together on skin) before applying creams

Cell Renewal | Fibroblast Serum- the high end stem cell serum that works at the cellular level to product collagen and improve skin.

Phytoceramides - Adds moisture back to skin in a month! One capsule daily to replenish ceramides and moisture to skin. Ceramides make up 40% of the skin when young and are specifically responsible for moisture-retention and radiance.

Daily Body Oil - made with 5 pure oils to moisturize and nourish skin; includes natural vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory qualities in the oils.


#6] My skin is dull and lack-luster.

We Recommend:

Oxygen Day Cream - the ingredients actually brighten up skin, improve circulation and skin texture. Mean for combo or oily skin, a treatment of 30 days for normal to dry skin can help brighten and wake up skin.

Glycolic | Salicylic Serum (currently named Blemish Terminator Serum) - enlivens dull skin, lightly exfoliates, minimizes pores, smoothes skin to reveal fresh new cells

Salicylic Wash - cleanser with salicylic acid to help enliven dull skin, get skin really clean, pores unclogged and light exfoliation

Citrus Scrub or Face Brushing - not enough exfoliation (build up of dead cells) may be an issue if your skin is dull.

Collagen Antioxidant Mask -
this mask will gently exfoliate while nourishing skin with spa-quality ingredients.

Additional to Consider:

Cell Renewal | Fibroblast Serum - this serum not only boosts collagen at the cellular level but it lightly exfoliates with lactic acid to renew and refresh skin

#7] I want to care for my body skin properly. My legs, hands and arms are dry.

We Recommend:

Daily Skin Brushing of body

Daily Body Oil

Luxury Oil for face, neck and hands



#8] Do you have an SPF day cream or sunscreen?

Yes, our Vitamin C SPF30 Day Cream is ideal. It comes in a glass jar for daily home use OR tube for beach or vacation.


#9] I have Cellulite.  What can I do?

We offer the Cellulite Whisperer products (organic gel and lotion) to use twice daily. Daily Skin Brushing has been shown to reduce cellulite as well.  Other strategies and plans are offered at our site,


#10] I want to blur over lines or wrinkles and tighten my skin.

We Recommend:

Ageless Rapid Skin Tightener - designed specifically to tighten skin and blur over lines.


#11] I have the oily "T-Zone" but otherwise normal or even dry skin. Help.

We Recommend:

Glycolic | Salicylic Serum (Blemish Terminator Serum) - Use on your T-Zone! We designed this multi-tasking serum to include treatment of the T-Zone in addition to oily skin! Simply apply the serum after cleansing twice daily, and it will help control oil, unclog pores, lightly exfoliate and assist with any breakouts. It helps minimize pores, too. The serum includes 2% Glycolic Acid and 3% Salicylic Acid.


#12] My neck is showing my age...

We Recommend:

Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete Cream - mostly organic ingredients that were designed for the fragile skin of the neck and decollete. Apply at least twice daily.


#13] Do you have any skincare sets?


A new SUBLIME SKIN KIT will be coming by the end of the summer!


#14] What Cleansers do you carry? 

We offer:

* the Refreshing Cleanser with Aloe & Green Tea for those with sensitive, dry or normal skins.
* the Blemish Terminator Salicylic Wash for oily skin or skin that needs "waking up"
* the Citrus Scrub. We suggest the Citrus Scrub for oily skin from 4 times per week to a daily basis, and it can be used by dry and normal skin types 1-2 times weekly for exfoliation.


#15] Do you have Gift Cards?

Yes. The card NEVER expires and is a great gift to give. It comes in denominations of $25 up to $300.