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Sublime Beauty® is French-inspired, focusing on skin health and the fundamentals so you can have gorgeous skin and feel greatThe Founder, Kathy Heshelow, says:


“I was lucky enough to live in Paris, France for 16 years.  I observed great skin care secrets and practices among French and European women and bring this to Sublime Beauty®!”

“I am a baby-boomer nearing 60, and go through all of the skin aging and skin health issues that many of you do (or will!)   My attitude, like the French, is to use products and techniques (like peptides to boost collagen, masks to nurture, botanicals to hydrate and Skin Brushing for wellness) rather that surgery (not that I may not one day!). 

"By using special ingredients and feeling good, beauty and confidence can really shine through.”

“Many of the products are also pre-emptive, perfect for those in their 30s and 40s who are thinking ahead!”

"Enjoy our site and the VIP Club (we love great customer service and I treat you like I would want to be treated!)   Everything is also on Amazon, by the way, if you are addicted to 2 day Prime shipping!

Kathy Heshelow, founder (pictured)