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What Renovage (Called the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH by Some) Can Do For You

Renovage is a French anti-aging complex from Sederma, the makers of Matrixyl and other great ingredients for skin care.  Renovage has scientifically shown in clinical tests that it can reduce the appearance of the signs of aging in the skin - in a surprising way.

Most anti-aging products perform this feat by replacing the things the body loses as it ages, such as elastin and collagen. Collagen and elastin are some of the most important components of the skin involved in a youthful, vivacious look. However, Renovage does it by increasing the actual lifespan of cells.

Renovage Fights the 8 Signs of Aging!

1) Restores Skin's Moisture Balance & Hydration
2) Reduces age spots or hyper-pigmentation
3) Increases elasticity and plumpness
4) Reduces pore size
5) Guards against sagging and thinning
6) Increases skin's effectiveness to fight oxidation
7) Reduces redness and inflammation
8) And of course, reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Let's Get Technical: DNA and Telomeres

Once a strand of DNA reaches a certain length it is considered a chromosome. The buffer at the end of each chromosome is called a telomere. Telomeres protect the chromosomes, and stop them from binding with other DNA and fusing into rings. They also play an important role in the division of cells. As a cell divides, its DNA unravels and all the information it holds is copied - except the telomeres.

When the cell is fully divided and the DNA strands re-form, the telomeres lose a tiny bit of length in the process each time. Once the telomeres become too short the cell stops dividing. Aging begins to occur and the skin wrinkles, develops lines and age spots.


Renovage promotes the natural repair and protection functions of the skin and helps preserve the length of the telomeres. In essence, it enables cells to have longer lifespans. 

When telomeres are too short some of the information is not copied from cell to cell correctly. Reinforcing the lifespan of the cells allow them to complete their functions with a renewed fervor. Tissue quality is enhanced, and the skin's youth factor is restored.

Naturally, renewed cell growth and functionality can be beneficial in many ways. Clinical studies of Renovage use showed improvements in the appearance of age spots and sun spots, as well as improved moisture, pore reduction, improved elasticity and a lessening of the appearance of fine lines. Extended use ensures that the length of the telomeres will be preserved.

Tests & Studies of Renovage

The way Renovage functions is thought to be unique. There are many tests and studies currently under way to discover why this particular product works so well. Life extension advocates also have an interest in telomere studies. There are theories that they are the key to the fountain of youth. Others feel that cell death is not a sign, but a symptom of aging. Regardless, the benefits of Renovage are undeniable. It also has a positive effect on small cuts and wounds.

This product deals with skin problems at a cellular level which is an improvement on pretty much all other topicals on the market, except perhaps stem cells. The research of the benefits of Renovage is constantly progressing. Keep track of the results you see as you gradually increase the amount and length of usage. Doing so will allow you to truly judge the effects; try using a camera to document the results, as the treatment progresses.

Ageless Serum with Renovage

Sublime Beauty® offers a creamy serum (some use it as a day and night cream!) called Ageless Serum with Renovage. Use it twice daily on cleansed skin!  

It can be purchased here - and Sublime Beauty offers a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee so you can buy with confidence. Also on Amazon here.