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We are highlighting our adorable Portable Skin Brush today. While many use a long-handled Skin Brush, we wanted to point out the ease and control of using the small portable Skin Brush. I am using it in the picture here.

The Body Brush fits perfectly in your hand and has a strap to help secure it while you brush. The bristles are natural and feel great, and the back of the brush is polished wood.  It actually comes with a travel pouch!


We actually designed this brush because our Customers asked us to!  Many of them take vacations, trips or business trips and wanted an easy way to continue Skin Brushing while away from home.  A few asked for something they could tuck into their gym bag or take to the office.


And Voila!  The Portable Brush with Pouch!  It was featured in Glamour Magazine and Glamour's online magazine!


Since Body Brushing helps the lymphatic system (and the immune system), this is really ideal to use when you travel. Between climate and food changes, germs in airplanes or cruise ships, stress of business travel, it can be your secret weapon.


Many actually love the ease and control of using the Portable Brush and actually use it instead of our long handled brush.  The only difficulty is reach your back - but your husband, boyfriend or friend could do that for you, perhaps?




If you are new to Dry Skin Brushing, be sure to check out our Skin Brushing site with instructions, background, an eHealth Radio Podcast with me, plus testimonials.

Would you like to snag this brush?  You can find it on Amazon here, or on our Webstore here. There is a 100% money back guarantee if dissatisfied, but we are sure you will be more than satisfied!


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- Kathy Heshelow, founder
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