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Tightens Skin Fast, But Also Helps Longterm

The Ageless Rapid Tightener and Skin Smoother is a special serum that acts fast.  If you love the feeling of tight, taut skin, you will love this serum!


This serum tightens skin in 10 minutes thanks to the ingredient Sesaflash®, derived from sesame seeds. Most people feel - and see - the smoothing action quickly.


However, the Ageless Rapid Tightener is not just about fast short-term action. It includes Matrixyl and Renovage for long-term help.  We believe the underlying skin health is what is most important! 


* Matrixyl is a peptide that boosts collagen and is included in many Sublime Beauty products simply because it works!  


* Renovage lengthens the skin cell life, helps reduce pores and wrinkles, helps repair photo-damage and refines skin.


The Ageless Rapid serum is thinner, slightly amber in color and smooths over the skin well.  Apply to clean fresh skin and let it absorb fully before applying makeup or any other product, or you could get some flaking.


Some women like to use this serum for special occasions, while others use it daily.  Use it on your neck as well as face!


Read the reviews!  A small percentage of women do not feel the tightening but most do - if you don't, we have a 100% moneyback guarantee, so feel confident to try this great serum!


It is available on our Webstore here, and also on Amazon here.


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