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How We Are French Inspired at Sublime

Sublime Beauty® is French-inspired at heart. Here is why:

1) Many of our KEY ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS were actually developed in France and Europe (Matrixyl and Renovage for instance). We like the way these ingredients improve the HEALTH of skin.

The emphasis is on caring for the underlying issues of skin, which allows a healthy state to shine through and make us look and feel great.

For instance, Matrixyl boosts collagen production and levels, and this is key since we lose collagen each year - and with less collagen, we get more wrinkles, lines and thinning of skin. You do your skin a favor by kicking back up the production levels.

2) INSPIRATION: I lived in Paris for 16 years and not only observed, absorbed and learned French ways, I love to bring some of their sensibility to Sublime.


3) I simply LOVE the attitude of French women to their skincare and aging. They age well, far more naturally than the typical American, take good care of the basics and bring it all off with style. Nothing is overdone, and the look is more natural, balanced, clear and yet sophisticated.


French women focus on good skincare and put less emphasis on makeup; they focus on a good haircut and classic fashion that allows THEM to shine through.

French women love knowing what ingredients can do and they love to take a holistic view to their beauty - spas, treatments that help their bodies and faces, great haircuts, well-made clothing, good conversation and education, a little mystery - all that highlight the character and natural beauty of the face.

And you don't see very many overweight Frenchwomen, by the way, even though they are surrounded by amazing food and wine. There is a balance to life - they enjoy life's pleasures and beauty.

Merci! Thanks again!


- Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®