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Obsessed With This Collagen Mask!

I Confess, I am Obsessed With This Collagen Mask!

I use it every week (though it is perfectly fine to use twice monthly if you are time-challenged).  I typically use it on Saturday morning.

My skin is ALWAYS happy when the mask is on my face:
it drinks in the creamy goodness. I usually play relaxing music and meditate for the 10 to 15 minutes I use the mask, and find it is one of my “happy spa times”.


The scent is comforting and spa-like. It is creamy soft and white. It has French White Clay, Safflower, Cucumber, Collagen, Elastin and all sorts of goodies in it. I put it on clean skin (face and neck) and just let it do it's thing for about 10 to 15 minutes.  It does NOT get hard. 


The best part is when the mask comes off and my skin is really soft and plump and glowing!  I first use a damp washcloth to lightly wipe off the mask; then I rinse with cool water until it is gone. 

Kathy Heshelow, founder, with the Collagen Mask

Getting ready for the Holidays, and with the change of weather, this mask helps me look my BEST!

My skin looks and feels great - and I apply my favorite Collagen Serum and Face Whisperer Day Cream to lock in the goodness.

The French White Clay helps pull out toxins; the Collagen plumps and soften skin while smoothing it; the antioxidant Vitamin E protects; the safflower, cucumber, aloe and other like ingredients moisturize and plump, too.

One jar lasts several months - and it's a cute jar! (I am holding it in the picture here.) 


You can snag your jar at our webstore here,
or on Amazon here.  Enjoy! 

- Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty