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It's time to get your skin spring and summer ready!  Here are some handy tips:




Now is the perfect time to freshen up skin that has been assaulted in winter with harsh temperatures, overheated rooms and dryer air.  Exfoliation is extremely helpful to freshen and buff up skin.


BODY We are big fans of Body Brushing or Dry Skin Brushing. It will help your entire body feel and look great thanks to better circulation, support of the lymphatic system plus exfoliation of those dead cells and toxins!

Not sure what Skin Brushing is? Check out the definitive site here!

FACE Fresh Citrus Scrub is light and invigorating thanks to lemongrass and tiny non-abrasive beads. Your face feels fantastic after using it (and it smells wonderfully delicious!)

Occasional Face Brushing is helpful, too!  (Our Face Brushes are out of stock but will be back soon.)


FACE  The Glycolic | Salicylic Serum offers a great way to lightly exfoliate, close pores and brighten up skin.  Use it just 1-2 times weekly on normal, dry or aging skin. If you have oily skin, use it every day!


BODY The Daily Body Oil we designed with a chemist has 5 pure oils ideal for the body plus Vitamin E to feed your skin and nourish it!  It absorbs fast, is not sticky and makes you feel so silky!

Great to use after Skin Brushing, too!  Download the brochure about how each oil benefits your wellness and skin!





FACE A facial mask can add that special nourishment your skin needs, above and beyond what your daily moisturizers and serums can do.  

For dry, normal and aging skin, our spa-quality Collagen Antioxidant Mask is divine!

Just 10-15 minutes weekly or every 2 weeks does the trick!  It will replenish and plump your skin, lightly draw out toxins with French White Clay and soothe your skin with collagen, elastin, and all kinds of botanicals! 

For oily skin (or treating the Tzone), use our Oil Control Sulfur Mask (featured recently in Prevention Magazine!)  It feels wonderful to the skin and has the right ingredients to calm down oil without drying you out.

FACE AND BODY - Improve skin from the inside-out with Phytoceramides! They replenish your ceramides naturally for healthier skin that retains moisture, functions optimally and looks great!


We are big fans of serums and our Face Whisperer moisturizers.  They help all skin types, moisturize beautifully, relax wrinkles and boost collagen! 

Choose serums to match your needs - from the light Collagen Serum with Matrixyl, Retinol Serum with Vitamin C at night, Hyaluronic Serum to plump and retain moisture. Working on lines or wrinkles?  You might try the Ageless Line Smoother with Hyacare Filler CL.  Have a bigger budget for a scientific formula? Try the stem cell serum!


Your Skin Will Be Spring Ready with these tips and products!