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5 Tips & Products for WINTER SKIN from Sublime Beauty®

The cold, dry air of winter is harsh on skin, while overheated interior rooms continue the assault. Sublime Beauty® offers tips and products to help revive and nourish skin.

Sublime Beauty and winter weather"Skin needs a little extra attention in winter, especially in colder climates," says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®. "We offer 5 tips that can help."

1) Skin Brush the body daily and the face several times per week. Skin Brushing will help improve circulation, distribute oils and move the lymphatic system, but it will also help remove dry flakes. Learn all about Skin Brushing and Sublime Brushes on the special website.

2) Follow Body Brushing with application of pure oils, like the Daily Body Oil. Oils will penetrate well, moisturize and hydrate skin in a superior way, and also offer vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the skin - and body - need. The Daily Body Oil contains jojoba, sesame oil, sweet almond, argan oil and aloe - and no chemicals or additives.

3) Don't scrimp on a good moisturizer for the face, and use it at least twice daily (morning and night)...

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