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Skin Brushing is a Health & Beauty Trend for 2015!  It was just cited as such in Lucky Magazine and Best Picks Magazine by Dr. Miczak, and named in a story on the Today Show for a New You in 2015!

We are long-term fans of Skin Brushing (also known as Body Brushing), as many of you know!  If you are unfamiliar with the healthy practice, check out our website devoted to the subject:

You can also listen to an interview about Skin Brushing on eHealth Radio Network with Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty.


Key Benefits:

Skin Brushing helps support the largest body organ, to keep it in tip top. Our skin is not only an organ of elimination, it helps regulate body temperature, protect us from bacteria and toxins in the environment and so much more!

Daily Body Brushing boosts blood circulation. This of course is important to deliver nutrients and oxygen throughout the body (and can be especially helpful to those with poor circulation.) 

Brushing the skin helps move the lymphatic system, which has no natural pump. The lymphatic system filters toxins from the system and helps keep the immune system strong.

Skin Brushing can help reduce cellulite, reduce or guard against ingrown hairs and more!

It is clearly invigorating and creates a happy feeling of well-being!


Key Points on How to Brush
(full guidelines are on the Skin Brushing website and in downloadable guides):

1) Always brush on absolutely dry skin (typically in the morning before your shower)

2) Always brush TOWARDS the heart, typically starting at your feet and working your way up.  Brush everything except your face, and do not brush over open sores.  (Face Brushes are lighter and you only brush your face 1-2 times weekly)

3) Use medium to firm strokes, 3 to 7 per area. It should never hurt. If you have sensitive skin, start light and work into it. Many people love the feeling immediately.

4) Don't share your brush with others.

5) You may like to apply a body oil to nourish your skin. (We designed one for Body Brushers.)

Our Brushes are found here (they are also on Amazon).

Contact Kathy Heshelow if you have any questions at all!