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Reveal Great Skin for the New Year with AGELESS SERUM!

Start off the new year with a new secret weapon for your skin.Ageless Serum with Renovage and Matrixyl from Sublime Beauty

The Ageless Serum has RENOVAGE and MATRIXYL, and fights the 8 main signs of aging:

1) Restore Skin's Moisture Balance & Hydration
2) Reduce age spots or hyper-pigmentation
3) Increase elasticity and plumpness
4) Reduce pore size
5) Guard against sagging and thinning
6) Increase skin's effectiveness and functioning
7) Reduce redness and inflammation
8) And of course, reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Clinical tests of Renovage® showed cell resistance to oxidation was up 75% to 100%, skin cell self-defense was up 100% and cell life span was increased with wound healing capacity off the charts. 89% of those in the clinical test reported improved skin in 30 days!

Matrixyl is a peptide that boosts collagen production in skin and this is necessary to get back levels we have lost with age. Collagen keeps skin smooth, plump and beautiful!

Download the brochure about Ageless and its special ingredients here.

Use the serum (which is creamy) twice daily. It can serve as a day and night cream, or as a serum in tandem with you day and night creams!

The serum is available on the SublimeBeautyShop site or on Amazon!  Give it a try and start 2015 with great skin!