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We Love the Powerful Benefits to Well-Being that Comes From Skin Brushing Daily! 6 Easy Steps to Body Brushing are Found Below!

But first, here are just some of the benefits from brushing:

** Exfoliation of dead cells and toxins so skin glows and functions optimally

** Boosts blood circulation

** Boosts lymphatic system (that doesn't have any sort of pump to move it along)

** Reduces cellulite

** Keeps ingrown hairs away

** Breaks stress - it is invigorating and boosts your mood as it releases endorphins

** Helps skin tone and distribution of body oils

** And more...


Skin brushing takes only about 10 minutes daily, and helps support skin. Did you know that one-third of toxins are eliminated through the skin, our largest body organ?

Skin Brushing is simple!  Here are the basic tips:

1) ALWAYS brush on absolutely dry skin

2) ALWAYS use a natural bristled-brush (we have a long handled brush with dual head for cellulite massage, and a portable brush that was featured in Glamour Magazine).

3) ALWAYS brush TOWARDS the heart (working with circulation and lymphatic systems)

4) Start at your feet and using medium to firm strokes, brush 3 to 6 strokes per area. It should NOT hurt. If you skin is sensitive, start lightly and then you can get firmer as time goes on. Brush the entire body except neck and face, and spend a little more time on lymph-node rich areas (arm pits and inner thighs) plus thicker skin (elbows and heels).

5) Its typical to brush in the morning BEFORE your shower, and if you stand in the shower you will be able to wash the dead cells away easily.

6) DON'T brush over open sores, DON'T share your brush with others.

We like to drink a glass of water after and apply a nice body oil or cream to nourish the skin.

It's that easy!

Visit our website devoted to Skin Brushing here to learn more (and also learn about Face Brushing).

Why don't you start to Skin Brush today?