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UNCLOG PORES, GET SKIN REALLY CLEAN: Great for Both Aging Skin and Oily Skin!

Salicylic Acid is a friend to both Aging skin and to Oily skin! It is found in our new Salicylic Wash.


Salicyclic Acid is well-known to help OILY SKIN because it unclogs pores, kills bacteria, minimizes pores and lightly exfoliates. 

Used twice daily for cleansing in concert with other oily skin products is smart - and necessary - for that skin type.


Salicylic Acid is also helpful to AGING SKIN!  How?  It helps to lightly exfoliate skin, which turns over more slowly as we age. It helps to make ways for fresh new skin cells and collagen, and it helps even out uneven skin tone.  And it helps gets your skin REALLY clean!


Now, aging skin should only use the new Salicylic Wash about 4 times weekly.  Oily skin types, as mentioned previously, benefit from daily (twice daily) use.


The new cleanser includes ingredients that help calm inflammation and soothe skin, too, like chamomille and aloe.  It is a silky cleanser that looks, smells and feels great!  


In addition, our GLYCOLIC | SALICYLIC SERUM is wonderful for oily skin, combination skin and aging skin!  I use this serum on my "T-zone" to keep the nose and chin in order and minimize pore size.  Friends who get some breakouts use it to dry them up.  The multi-tasking serum also helps aging skin with light exfoliation and evening out skin tone.


If you have oily skin and|or breakouts, use the serum each day.  If you have aging skin, use it about 3 times weekly or as a refresh!


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