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Aging is inevitable and normal. One day, you start to notice lines and wrinkles in the mirror, you notice your skin tone isn't what it used to be. Over time, skin starts to look thinner and saggy. More wrinkles show up and maybe odd discolorations.  What to do?


We at Sublime Beauty don't "reject" aging and the marks of having lived (laugh lines!) or even what we see as marks of wisdom. But we believe skin can be HEALTHIER, function well and can look better, reflecting a healthy you.

Unfortunately our society doesn't view aging so favorably and it isn't fair if we are vibrant and feel great - if our skin doesn't match this.

Healthier skin does look younger.  But what do we mean by healthier?

Skin is our largest organ of elimination and largest body organ. It does so many incredible things for us (protects from environmental toxins, regulates body temperature, removes toxins, and much more).  When we lose collagen, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, thickness and full functioning of the organ, our well-being suffers - and so do our looks! 

Sublime Beauty products revolve around ingredients that help aging skin.  We highlight some of the great ones (but not all!) that are ideal in the strategy for healthier, revived skin:

1) Argireline

2) Renovage

3) Matrixyl

4) Phytoceramides


ARGIRELINE is known as the natural botox because it mimics how botox works - but without injections, slower and more naturally (and not as dramatically). Argireline essentially RELAXES wrinkles slowly, helping skin to smooth out and wrinkles to be reduced (but they won't disappear).

Argireline is at maximum strength (10%) in our Face Whisperer Day cream. It is also in our Face Whisperer Neck & Decollete Cream and the Ageless Line Smoother.

RENOVAGE was developed in France and has been called the new "fountain of youth". It is rather wonderous and fights the 8 major signs of aging.  It increases the skins ability to fight oxidation (talk about a health boost), with 75% to 100% improvement in a clinical test. In the same tests, skin cell defense was up 100% and cell life span was off the charts. Renovage actually lengthens cell life. 

In addition, it can reduce hyperpigmentation, encourage collagen production, smooth lines, reduce inflammation and reduce pore size.

Renovage is featured in our Ageless Serum (a creamy serum that can be used as a day and night cream or a serum with your day and night creams!); it is also in our Ageless Rapid Tightener.

MATRIXYL is our favorite peptide, found in many Sublime Beauty products. Why? It can double collagen production and loss of collagen is at the heart of skin wrinkles, sagging and thinning. Matrixyl is essential for anti aging products or strategies. It not only encourages collagen production, but repairs the papillary level of the skin and is used in wound healing. As collagen increases, skin smooths out and becomes healthier.

Matrixyl is in our Face Whisperer Night Cream, Face Whisperer Advanced Eye Gel, our popular Collagen Peptide Serum, and the entire Ageless line of serums.

PHYTOCERAMIDES help skin health from the inside out. We include it in our line of products as a natural strategy to support skin. Ceramides are responsible for barrier protection, thickness and moisture-retention functions of skin - but alas, they diminish in our skin as we age.

Phytoceramides replenish the supply from plant-based ceramides (identical to ours). As ceramides are replenished, skin is able to hold moisture better, protects collagen and helps functioning of skin.  It takes at least 30 days to see and feel the difference (the amount of time that skin cells turn over).

Japan has used them with no ill effects and big success for more than 10 years, and they are relatively new to the U.S.  Rice-based have the best results in clinical tests.  I wrote a little book about them to help educate, and have several brochures on a special website.


Other ingredients are powerful, too, like Retinol and Vitamin C or even stem cell growth factors, and moisturizing is key (included in our products) but these four ingredients are highlighted specifically as top anti-aging strategies for your skin!