Skin Brush and Phytoceramides Together

$ 48.00

$ 37.00

Transform Skin on the Inside and Outside Now!

Healthy Skin Brushing not only removes dead cells and toxins from the skin daily, but it boosts blood circulation and aids the lymphatic system.

Natural Phytoceramides replenish ceramides in the skin lost with age or skin conditions. Ceramides are responsible for moisture-retention, barrier protection, plumpness and beauty of skin.

Use of both is a healthy, natural practice that improves well-being as well as beauty!


Learn more about Skin Brushing here at our special site devoted to the subject!  Skin Brushing is VERY easy to do and bring immense benefits!  Models and actresses love to brush and more people are catching on!  Our brush was recently featured in Glamour Magazine!  Here is an article the Sublime Beauty founder wrote for Urbanette Magazine.


Learn more about Phytoceramides here (Dr. Oz and plastic surgeons covered the subject recently). 


Or buy our book about Phytoceramides! Learn the important information and facts about these natural supplements that replenish the ceramides in skin.

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